Select an activity! We have pencil cases, aprons, T-shirts, and bags of every description; papier mache shapes and boxes; high quality MDF and wooden items. For our younger customers, we have a range of things to decorate on our 'Fun for a Fiver' shelf. Glitter, gems and stickers are included in the price. 


We bring you all the materials you need to complete your project, and are on hand for inspiration and guidance.


Pens and paints are included in the price. If you want to have a go at stamping on canvas with specialist fabric ink or using decoupage paper, it's an additional £2.50.



Get drawing, painting, stamping, stencilling or decoupage-ing! You can call on us for practical or creative advice whenever you like. If you don't finish your project, you are welcome to come back another time at no extra cost. If your item needs to dry, we'll keep it for you to collect at your convenience.


How much does it cost? 

Because we are constantly offering exciting new stock, we can't provide a definitive price list, however the majority of items cost less than £10, and there is no studio fee. If you'd like to do something other than draw or paint freehand on your item, you can create a stamp and use our specialist inks, or use a sheet of decoupage paper for an additional £2.50.

Which items do I need to pre-order?

We are limited for storage space, so you will need to give us a week's notice if you'd like to decorate a pair of plimsolls. For bespoke items, such as personalised name plaques, please let us have two weeks' notice. 

What ages is it suitable for?

Anybody can enjoy the Blank Canvas Cafe from 0-100! We can do baby footprints on canvas from just a few days old, and we host parties and events for all ages. We have a small play area with a chalkboard, books and toys but Blank Canvas Cafe is not just for kids! Adults can enjoy decorating cushion covers, tea towels,  gorgeous bags and loads of papier mache and wooden items that are perfect for gifts. .  

Do I need to book?

To ensure we can offer you the very best experience, please BOOK A TABLE at least 24 hours before you wish to visit. All bookings will be confirmed by email.To see if we have any last minute availability on the day, please call Ali on 07821 361 050

How long does it take?

When you book a table, it is yours for 90 minutes, which should be long enough for the majority of activities. If you need longer, you can always come back and finish your project another time at no extra cost.

Can I take my item home?

Yes! Most items should be ready to take home straight away, although if you have painted an item and the paint is still wet, you may want to leave it with us for a few hours before collecting it. If you can't make it back on the same day, we'll keep your item safe for as long as you like. 

Do you serve food and drinks?

We serve top quality Teapigs teas and infusions, filter coffee, milkshakes and juices, and a range of sweet treats, including vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options. 

What paint do you use?

We use non-toxic paint - don't worry! But please be aware that both fabric and acrylic paint can be stubborn to remove from clothing once dry. We have aprons for kids, but suggest that you don't dress them in their best clothes when visiting the cafe - just in case! 

Can I put my fabric item in the washing machine after using textile pens or paints? 

Yes! If you have used fabric pens or paints, please leave your item overnight to ensure it's properly dry, and then use a clean, dry pressing cloth over the front of the design and iron it for two to five minutes.  After that, your item will be fine in the wash. 


SATURDAYS: 10am - 4pm

SUNDAYS: 10am - 3pm

To ensure we can offer you the very best experience, please BOOK A TABLE the day before

 you wish to visit. All bookings will be confirmed by email.

To see if we have any availability on the day itself, please call Ali on 07821 361 050 before making your way to the cafe,

to avoid disappointment.


Studio 4

14 Tontine Street


CT20 1JU

Call Ali on 07821 361 050

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